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Save CPU and RAM: Disable the Indexing Service on Windows XP

If there is one bloated and unnecessary service that you should immediately disable, it's definitely the Indexing Service built into Windows XP.

This service is used to index files for windows search. But the question is that why to use this slow and bulky windows desktop search when we have the Google Desktop...

The indexing service seems to eat up a lot of CPU on every machine I've used, especially when you have the amount of files that I've got. Let's disable it.
  1. Navigate to the run and type "Services.msc". Hit Enter.
  2. Double-click on the Indexing Service and change the startup type to disabled.
  3. Hit the stop button if it is started, which is likely, and then hit OK.

Yet another unnecessary service stopped!

Happy Computing!


  1. Indexing service plays a important role in CPU cycle,so it may lead to system failulre in several cases.

  2. I simply trimmed Vista’s indexing, so I only notice it when I search, partly because it only keeps track of the Start menu folder, shortcuts folder, and my documents – but my music and video files are on another partition.
    Whenever I search the program files folder, I notice how much slower it is, because I don’t index this big folder.

  3. @chandrashekhar Indexing does not play any role in CPU cycles, it just generates a database of files so that it can be searched faster, and it compromises the speed of system.

  4. I think disabling Indexing Service is not good idea...

  5. @bove And why do you think so ?

    All software which optimize computer performance says we must disable this service !

  6. if it slow ones system down then it should be resolved by window rather one should disable it.

    Good Job