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TechQuark.com Turns 2... Happy B'Day !

I can’t believe how fast time flies as today marks the 2 year anniversary of the TechQuark.com. 2 years back ( August 22, 2007), I was just starring my computer and a idea struck right back in my mind. Why not share my technical skills and knowledge with the world. Blogger was the best platform for the same. And here it was : A blog dedicated to Technology, Software tips, Gadgets, Reviews and News. My my my, what a time it has been. Hundreds of posts, comments, link backs and lot of cash 2 :P

2 years have past and so much has changed. From few visitors to 1000+ daily visitors. From page rank 0 to page rank of 4. Many other achievements join the queue.

We have a cake to celebrate the occasion, join in :P :

My Blog Strategy: How I did it

I’ll tell you exactly how I did it, giving you all that I learned so you can improve too. Here’s how I did it:

Created focused content

I focused on the topic of technology, software tips, gadgets and news. It’s important to find something interesting and unique to discuss, avoid echoing techmeme.

Publish frequently

I published nearly every day, in fact atleast one post each day. How’d I find time to do that I slowly work on drafts (I’ve over 100 of them sitting in blogger) and I’d budget my time in the morning to pay myself first. (It’s 430 AM when I write this).

Think of readers first

Make it easy to read. Sure there’s a lot of text, but I organize it in an easy to scan (yes scan) way by indenting, use horizontal rule (lines) bolding and using indent points. I approached this as more of a resource to busy professionals rather than my personal journal (although I occasionally share personal info in the context of posts).


Join the conversation. Such shallow words that are thrown around now, but it’s true. I link to whatever else readers would want to learn about (knowing the more I helped them, the more they’d come back) answer comments on my own blog, and occasionally leave comments on other blogs (I could work on that more). I self reference to older posts, and that helps to tie everything together as the body of work builds on top of itself.

“Productized” content

Developed some awesome posts some complied and some unique: my digest, the many index lists, and the on the move series. Also have an archive, making it easy for info-hungry folks, and reduce my time to come up with constant new ideas.

Have Passion

I’m so lucky that I get paid to do what I love, I think this is one of the most important things to do in life, sadly, it’s hard to tell when work starts and stops. Many people thought it was really strange when is started this blog, many said it was a fad, and really didn’t look down the line.

So what’s the future to hold? Regarding this blog, I’ve no intentions to stop this pace sharing and learning, thanks for being part of this, it’s a fun adventure and I learn many new things from being part of the conversation, (from your comments and links) every day.

Want to start you own blog, Read This : http://www.techquark.com/2009/06/25-terrible-mistakes-of-blogger.html


  1. hey , congrats !!! hope ur blog celebrates more of its birthdays, and hope u make it go to page rank 1 from 4 in the coming years

  2. Thanx :) Anywayz page rank 1 is inferior than page rank 4 and page rank 10 is highest :) I think you wanna say that the blog reaches page rank 10 ASAP :P

  3. Happy b'day dude techquark. So y not nasty n abusive comments dude ?? M goin against my style to wish u :(

  4. Great going Shubham...I have seen your blog growing..and it gives a great feeling seeing a fellow blogger rising...Keep it up....Keep blogging...good luck....

    Gaurav Sharma
    CEO and Director, Vinnoite Media

  5. happy b'day dude...

    great work ...js keep it up nd lots of cheers from ma side...

  6. Great Work buddy. I was always positive and knew you would succeed in your work since the time I first met you two and a half yrs back. Congratulations and may you continue to rise forever. :)

  7. Thanx bro, it would have not been possible without your support and love :)