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Solution: Permission Denied to Delete Files in Trash Folder in Linux

Recently, I encountered problem deleting files in trash folder in Ubuntu. There was a folder in my trash folder that I was unable to delete permanently because when I tried to do so, I met with a message saying : I don't have permission to delete this folder.

So I thought to delete this folder using the "sudo" command and for that I opened terminal window, but I was unable to find my trash folder anywhere on my computer. What is the path of trash folder on Linux ? I searched for it in the File System, but got nothing.

After working out a bit I came up with the solution as mentioned below :


(1) Trash folder in Linux is located @ /home/{your username}/.local/share/Trash

(2) Navigate to that folder using command :
cd /home/{your username}/.local/share/Trash

( {your username} is the user with which you have logged in )

(3) Run the following command :
sudo rm -r *
(4) All folders and files in trash would be deleted.

Hope this tutorial works for you, if not drop your problem as comment.


  1. I have been using LongPath tool for past few months. It works fine with unlocking and modifying system restricted files and folders.


  2. Thanks for this post! this quick solution helped to solve my problem too!