Terminal Web Browser

There are so many text browsers. Some of those are Links2, Lynx,w3m. You can browse web pages through a terminal emulator window like xterm, rxvt.

Links2 is a web browser which can run in text as well as in graphics mode.It displays tables, frames, downloads on background, uses HTTP/1.1 keepalive connections. In graphics mode it displays PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and XBM pictures, runs external bindings on other types, and features anti-aliased font, smooth image zooming, 48-bit dithering, and gamma and aspect ratio correction.
w3m can be used as a text formatting tool also. Some of the robust set of features including:

  • Frame and table rendering
  • Read from standard input (lynx cannot do this very easily)
  • Locally run cgi scripts to test html output (requires *no* webserver)
  • small in memory footprint (and coincidentally quite fast)
  • Keystroke compatible with lynx (but you can also customize the keybindings yourself)
  • Colour
  • SSL support thru the openssl library
  • Cookie support
Lynx includes vt100 terminals, other character-cell displays, and vt100 emulators such as Kermit or Procomm running on PCs or Macs.

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