Why Ebay is Best Tech Shopping Site ?

When we talk about tech shopping, we’re not limiting ourselves to just computer hardware, but we’re looking for a web site that provides us with an overall solution for all kind of products, such as cell phones, digital cameras, and also computer hardware such as power supplies and graphic cards. The search and categorization features on the web sites were important criteria, along with ease of navigation to these pages. Most of the web sites that we looked at had at least one important search feature not working up to the mark and did not return us relevant results.

After browsing through many of our search criteria, Ebay.in impressed us the most and is the winner for the Tech Shopping category. One of the main factors Ebay.in wins is the number of available products on the web site. We got a huge number of hits for our product searches. Also, the categorization of products was done very well. Filtering search results had many options too, and it doesn’t get too hard to find the product you are looking for. As most of you already know, not only can you purchase products from Ebay, but you can also sell products, either new or opened. When it comes to selling new products, Ebay.in also allows users to create stores. These stores are also used by companies, so Ebay.in allows them to have a virtual store to sell their products as well. Images of the product and descriptions are also present, plus the feedback from people who have already purchased products from the same seller or store.

Though the number of products on sale is pretty large, this also creates a problem for users, as the products are repeated, until the search is correctly filtered out.

For those who want computer peripherals

The IT Depot (www.theitdepot.com) has a collection of products that is better suited for people who want to build computers. The IT Depot is somewhat like a Newegg.com for Indian customers. You can pretty much buy anything you need to build a computer from this single store. They claim to ship to pretty much any location in the country. The range of products available on the site is also pretty vast, which makes it even more ideal for those not in the vicinity of major cities. Products can be sorted by category and price range. There are also electronics that can be bought here. Cameras, DVD players, software and even Apple products can be purchased. The pricing isn’t very reliable though. In some cases, the pricing is almost identical to market price but in some others, they can be heavily bloated. One of the smaller hardware sites is TheiTWares (www.theitwares.com). It’s a shop based in Mumbai, also willing to ship computer hardware to any place outside Mumbai. It’s a crude system but being a computer store, pricing is good. They’re also willing to assemble your system for you for a fee.

Another such store in Mumbai is PrimeABGB (www.primeabgb.com). The prices on the site are inflated but a quick phone call to their office can get you reasonable prices. One of the biggest advantages is the choice of products. A lot of brands and products that aren’t available easily can be found on this site.

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  1. Hey how is this site FishtheDeal.com. I have been tracking it for quite sometime. They have been giving some cool computer accessories deals! Though haven't bought from them . I have heard good reviews on other sites!

  2. Hey how is this site FishtheDeal.com. I have been tracking it for quite sometime. They have been giving some cool computer accessories deals! Though haven't bought from them . I have heard good reviews on other sites!



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