Home Surveillance & Secuirty Systems

In this post, we will discuss about some of the recent Home surveillance & security solutions. Most of the systems which are discussed here are very easy to setup and very cheap to buy. I will touch up on some of the sensors available in the market.


Airbeam is a free iPhone and iPad application which can be used for surveillance. It is very easy to setup if you have at least two iOS devices. You install this apps in both devices and connect it to your Home Wi-Fi network. One of the device (iPhone) can be set as a monitor and the other device (ex: iPad) will enable you to view what the camera sees at any point of time. Airbeam will work with any iP enabled camera’s too. Invest on a Linksys WV54VCA IP camera which can be used to monitor any room or door entrance and it can be easily connected and control from Airbeam. Using 3G network you can monitor from anywhere too. You can use the same camera for an elaborated surveillance system described in the last column using Synology serve.

You need to register with Dyndns for web access and configure the router for it. This enables you camera to be seen even without a static IP address.

D-Link mydlink Surveillance system

This 24/7 surveillance system from Dlink consists of a Dlink night vision wireless IP camera connected to your Home network and an iPhone / Android application. IP camera DS932L cost you around $140/- and its IR LED enables you to see during dim light . It is very easy to setup and run and get connected to your home from anywhere in the World.

The DviewCam software which comes along with the camera enables you to control monitor upto 32 cameras. So if you invest on more cameras you can cover every nook and corner of your house.

The figure above shows the details of the entire setup and as you can visualize it is very easy to setup if you have a wireless home network already in place.

Zicom Security systems

Zicom security system consists of a motion detector, Smoke detector, Door sensor, Glass Break sensor, and a control panels and a remote control.

Zicom Motion detector

It is equipped with IR sensors and triggers when unauthorized human movements are detected. Generally Motion detectors distinguish between the movements of pets and humans. It can detect upto 12mts.

Zicom Smoke & Fire detector

Zicom smoke & fire detector is shown the diagram above. It can detect smoke resulting from a short circuit and warn you early and can be considered in list of perfect fire alarms. You can click here for carbon monoxide alarms and learn more about them.

Zicom Glass Break detector

These sensors are equipped with microphone and a DSP algorithm to detect the sound of glass breaking. The detection process and threshold is selected such a way that false alarms will be a minimum.

This can be attached to the glass itself so that detection is easier. Both wired and wireless sensors are available in the market.

Zicom Door Sensor

It is equipped with a magnetic sensor and triggers when the contact switch is broken when the door is opened.

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  2. This is a very neat program for CCTV surveillance. It's free and has good support from the community..thanx for sharing this blog with us..

  3. Nice article ! Thanks for sharing !



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