Worst Laptop Brands in the Market

We always hear about Apple and how wonderful their products and technical support services are, and there is a good reason for these accolades: Apple knows what it is doing and continues to strive to offer superior products and services. However, not all of us can afford to make the types of investments that Apple products require you to make so we forced into buying less expensive brands.

We know that Apple is one of the best brands on the market, but which ones are the worst? Which brands have products and Tech Support services that are so severely lacking that consumers should just avoid them all together?

1. Acer/ Gateway

Acer/ Gateway has made some improvements to its overall product line and tech support services in the last year, but they still come up short to nearly every other computer brand on the market. While the laptops may looks nice, their overall functioning capabilities is low and most customers are highly unsatisfied as theses machines lack in overall longevity. Acer/ Gateway tech support agents are infamous for being unknowledgeable, and still receive the lowest rating in the industry.

2. Samsung

Samsung may be producing some of the coolest new smart phones and tablets on the market, but their laptops are lagging behind. Although they come with a sleek and sophisticated design, the Samsung line of laptops repeatedly scores low on innovation and software available, and the technical support is even worse. If you love Samsung, stick to supporting them by purchasing their smart phones and tablets. However, steer clear of their laptops if you want a great working and innovative piece of technology.

3. Dell

Dell has some of the best tech support out there, it’s just unfortunate that their actually laptops and computers leave so much more to be wanted. If you want a computer solely for writing papers, then a Dell laptop would be a great option. But if you want a machine that is reliable, innovative, and has longevity, then a Dell isn’t for you. The split between those who would buy a Dell again and those who wouldn’t is usually split 50/50, but overall the brand is to be avoided for those who want a computer for serious use.

While these brands do repeatedly pop up as some of the worst on the market, they do have a few exceptions. The Dell Inspirion has long been a favorite for traveling professionals and college students, and some of Samsung’s newer laptops are showing promise. However, as of right now, if you want a laptop with superior functioning and tech support choose a Lenovo, HP, or Sony. These brands are more affordable than Apple, and come with great operating systems, superior processing speeds, and superb tech support.

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  1. Shouldn't it be " worst laptops in the market"?
    English, anyone?

  2. I was covering the services provided by the brands rather much on Technical aspects of the laptop, so in general was talking about the brand !

  3. I guess you didn't get it afteral

    I was asking you to contemplate on the formation of the post title.
    Worst laptops 'on' the market is wrong.
    Worst laptops 'in' the market is correct.
    Get it?

  4. Afterall*

  5. i want to purchase an laptop so can i go for dell my budget is rs 40000

  6. Corrected ! Thanks for pointing out :)

  7. Yes, you can go for Dell Inspiron!

  8. What about the review on Asus, and Toshiba?

  9. I would not recommend to go for Asus, one can go for Toshiba !

  10. Can you please say, why a no to Asus? I can see it has better cooling capability.

  11. Can you please say, why a no to Asus? I can see it has better cooling capability.

  12. Asus is a bit new to the market and does not have a good chain of customer care and service centers.

  13. Is that is the only point, I can see service centers all over the India. Correct me if I'm wrong

  14. If you think so, then you can go for it :)

  15. i dont quite agree with you. I own a samsung netbook and its gr8 value fr money. Good features and good working.As regards service, samsung has onsite warrenty..they come to ur place to collect the piece. Dell is quite good too..quite a few frends of mine own a dell. On the otherhand HP has been more problematic. Problems with overheating, problems with service, problems with parts. I think you shud revise your list or else state detailed reasons for your opinion

  16. You are 100% Correct. I am a system integrator, and have till dated recommended to all my clients to go for Lenovo as they have value for money laptops with DOS so that one can install which ever operating system they want. Also at present Lenovo is the only brand whose laptops can run Windows XP. All others support only Windows 7. I personally bought a Lenovo Laptop 3000G530 4151 57Q for my personal use and for the last 2 years and 4 months did not have a single problem despite running it for 15 hours a day.I would definitely opt for Lenovo even if it is slightly costlier than others. It is better to even avoid Compaq as their Motherboards fail after one year and if one does not have an extended warranty beforehand one is finished.

    Acer has some value for money products but if their service is not good then what is the use. At present ASUS is offering excellent Value for money Laptops for Rs 18500/- with Pentium DC 2.13 Ghz CPU/15.60"/2 Gb Ram/500gb Memory, but the products quality and longevity is still a suspect. Same with MSI and other Taiwanese Brands. 


  18. hi, you mentioned that HP is a good line of laptops? with this mad after thanksgiving sale going on..HP laptops seem to be the most for your money..but was concerned about performance..love playing facebook games and some avatar games...owned a compact ok..but always froze and overheated! so ready for a change should i go for the HP or Toshiba? thanks!!



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