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Pioneer VSX-LX55 AVR (Audio Video Reciever)

This is the latest offering from Pioneer in medium budget range AVR and won laruels across the globe against tough competion from Denon as well as Onkyo. If you have too many Apple products at home, you do not have to look elsewhere. Pioneer designed this AVR from ground up with a seamless integration with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) in mind with support of Apple Airplay. Using an iPhone you can control the AVR It excells in Audio too.

LX55 is 7.1 Channel AVR with 7 HMDI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs and has 150 W RMS per channel. It supports HDMI 1.4, so 3D support and audio return channles are assured. iControl AV2 is a free iPad / iPhone application to control this AVR.

The only issue you may have to come to terms is the automatic tuning of AVR using MCACC which has less features comparaed to Audessey Multi Eq found in Denon and Onkyo AVRs.


  1. does it support wifi? Whats the price in India?

  2. The VSX-LX55 includes an adapter for a wireless LAN connection.

    VSX-LX55 comes with Apple AiPlay compatibility, and with Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad certification.

    For price : http://www.myshopping.com.au/ZM--1216854750_Pioneer_VSX_LX55_Black_7_1_Channel_Network_AV_Receiver