The Best iPhone Business Apps

The Apple iPhone can be effectively used for business functions. Whether you want to create documents or create video conferencing meetings, you can do it all on iPhone. The top apps for iPhone include:

Dragon Dictation

The smart phone can be converted into a personal secretary to the use of the Dragon dictation app. All it takes is dictation into the microphone of what you want written, and information can be recorded as text at faster rates than would be the case for typing using on-screen keyboard. This is an simple-to-use free application, and users are warned to post text messages, e-mails and with relative ease. A related program (called Dragon search) permits the user to obtain accurate answers to questions asked through the microphone of the handheld device.


WebEx ports software that operates conference calls to the iPhone platform, and is a free application. The "Plan B" device may be best used when one is not on the PC when a video conference is scheduled. The app is helpful to participate in the call on the go. Presentations can also be created and distributed in real-time. The app is a timesaver and suitable replacement interface device for the traveler who cannot be at the business conference.

City Trading

Award winning spread betting app by City Index enables people to perform trading operations on their iPhone as well as record and analyse latest prices and various market movements in real-time. Clients can now trade whenever and wherever they want, courtesy of the most powerful and cutting edge mobile trading platforms developed by Cityindex.


One of the desktop PCs want to know your programs is Evernote. Another app designed to make things easy, it allows the user to jot down their brilliant idea at any time while they are on the go. The app is designed to also synchronize information placed on various devices, from the smart phone to the computer to the web. So now the data can be retrieved from whatever source it was originally inputted from. This is another free application.


It's very easy to forget to transfer documents or files from a PC to the handheld like iPhone. Once installed, Logmein gives the user easy access to remotely login to the office or home computer from wherever the user is located. In fact, the app gives the user the impression they are in front of their home computer. The app can also be used to access a friend's computer for troubleshooting purposes. Logmein costs will $19,99.


A medium-sized business can receive payments via a credit card or cash are using the square application. An e-mail and SMS is generated after performing a transaction, containing the billing info about the products that were bought. This is another free app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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  2. nice article buddy but shubham you missed out Expense tracker. I think it's one of the best buisness app

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