Bitrix24 : Social Intranet for Business

Bitrix24 is a very nice platform for companies to make their employees share ideas and innovations. It has a Facebook like UI which enables a person to comment, like another employee’s news feed, internet messenger and photo galleries It is a cloud based social platform for company’s intranet. No time is consumed in installing it as everything comes deployed in the package and it is free of cost to companies with less than 12 employees.

Employees can communicate 24 X 7 using Bitrix24, they can discuss, enhance someone’s idea or can point out mistakes before it is deployed in production. There are no separate tools and worksheets for monitoring, correspondence, contacts, projects, tasks instead all the required information is at a single platform which saves lot of an employee’s time to generate reports or other things. The other features it provides which we really liked are :


Bitrix24 comes with a CRM ( Customer Relationship management ) tool which allows companies to have interactions with business, clients or customers . It has a database for queries, contact history, interaction , functionality, new events , messages which can be sorted out by conferencing, email or other ways.

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is to make sales process easier as it uses graphical data interpretation for different stages of sales.

Document Management

It is a very helpful tool as it allows documents to be store , read and edited by various people . The permissions of the document can be set by the owner and he can decide who all are authorized to read or edit the document. Bitrix24 also stores the history of the documents so that any unnecessary or unplanned changes can be reverted back to older version of documents.

It also has a feature of mapping your desktop documents library to the network drive using WebDav with this feature one can also view his document locally over the intranet.

Planning and Project Management

All the project related documents with respect to employees or the project flow could be maintained. The management tools include personalised to - do lists, meeting calendars, absentee charts , work reports and gantt charts to monitor project flow. Bitrix24 also takes into consideration for the outsourced contractors/ freelancers to access the company’s intranet with restricted rights.


As I have already mentioned Bitrix24 has a cloud based storage platform and managing data on cloud is really difficult, but Bitrix 24 uses a seven-layer security system on which even unsecured connections as email , public Wi-Fi and data access is secure.

With Bitrix24 you can get safety , security, efficiency and convenience at an affordable price of $99 a month and a premium charges of $199 per month. There are no additional charges for new employees and it is free of cost for companies with less than 12 employees.

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