How to Pick the Perfect Mobile Phone

With new and exciting innovations coming out almost every day, we benefit from having a vast range of modern technologies at our fingertips. One the other hand, access to this enormous range of technology can be quite overwhelming - especially when trying to find the perfect mobile phone solution.

The cellular marketplace place is filled with a range of handsets from popular brands such as Samsung, LG, Apple, Nokia, Motorola and more. These reputable companies offer a range of products to suit modern traditionalists through to mobile phone pioneers.

Below are a few tips that will help you in choosing your new mobile phone:

Desired Features – Decide what you want from your phone and write down a list of desirable phone attributes. Do you want ease of use, basic functions and good quality reception to be the core assets of your phone? Or do you require your phone to offer more advanced features such as mobile broadband and Smartphone technology? Creating a list will allow you to include and exclude potential mobile phones based on what key features they offer.

Brand – Did you have any specific brand of mobile cell phone in mind? If you do, add these to your list. If you don't have a brand in mind spend some time researching what is available in the market place. For example an LG mobile phone may differ considerably from a Samsung mobile phone relating to features, size and price. Speak to your friends and colleagues to find out what has worked/not worked well for them. When choosing a brand, also consider pre and post-sales support as well as warranties and refund/exchange policies.

Price – Set yourself a budget and stick to it. How much would you like to spend on your mobile phone bill per month? Are you after a cheap mobile phone or is the sky the limit on cost? Once you have defined a bracket for your budget, investigate the options such as pre-paid or contract caps. Here you can evaluate what is available in the market place at a suitable price for your budget.

Finally, make sure you do your research – The internet offers a wealth of information relating to the pro’s and con’s of different handsets. Forums and blogs disseminate honest information between customers relating to their personal experience with various handsets. It is also always helpful to speak directly to sales staff in store as they are highly knowledgeable and trained to offer you the best advice available.

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  1. I am in search of a new phone!. A good android phone but I love nokia too. I need something superb in 13k...

    1. You can go for Samsung Galaxy Ace

    2. Ya... will have a look.. Thanks !

    3. Galaxy Ace is slow and it cant be upgraded to ics.And even after formatting there are some lags in the phone.Decide before you buy.Look for any better option on your budget

  2. Hi,
    Please let me know that should i buy samsung galaxy y duos or samsung galaxy y duos lite.

  3. which one is better samsung galaxy y duos LITE or the earlier version i.e. samsung galaxy y duos?

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  5. how exactly was the article useful? i know i have to stick to a budget. if i had a specefic brand name in mind, i will add this to my list - why make a statement asking me to. plain silly. the problem is knowing what the features are out there, then comes the filtering.

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