Try Cloud Computing With These Services

Services that make use of cloud computing are steadily becoming the constant companion of small business owners everywhere. Thanks to rapid advancements, the cloud is breaking down barriers of Information Technology and giving their users a better way to go about their business. Here are some tools that operate on the cloud and are bound to drastically change the way you operate.

RingCentral Cloud Touch

RingCentral launched their new Cloud Touch platform earlier this year and blew the audience of the DEMO conference away. This is the very first phone system that lets its users set up, manage, and use a office communications desk with a mobile phone or tablet as long as it is connected to the internet. It features a Cloud Presence that lets you see which employees are using the phone, no matter where they are or what device they are using. Prior to the Cloud Touch’s launch, they announced their internet fax integration with various cloud storage service such as Google Docs and DropBox.

Google Drive

Google Drive came about when the market for cloud storage was dominated by DropBox. They gave those major players a run for their money by providing their users up to 16TB of storage. DropBox and other storage services have upgraded their offerings since then. Google Drive offers users 5GB of free space, and also has optical character recognition (OCR) technology and image recognition. With OCR, text in scanned documents is recognized and allows the user to input keywords in those scanned documents. Image recognition gives the user the ability to scour Google Drive for specific pictures that were uploaded.

Microsoft Intune

Earlier this year, Microsoft pre-released their new version of Intune during the Microsoft Management Summit 2012 which happened last April. Intune is a PC Management service that is based on the cloud and gives users Windows management tools to help them perform security and other things remotely while using a web-based instrument panel. Things that could be managed were security policies, firewalls, giving support to remote users, software tracking, and many others. Intune has since been officially launched and is now available to the general public. It supports mobile devices such as Apple products and other Android devices and has a simpler account portal. Also, it is capable of sniffing out mobile devices that access the Exchange Server, as well as being able to sync with Windows Azure Active Directory.

More and more people are recognizing how beneficial cloud services are, and to keep up with demand, more and more companies are catering to this need by introducing more services based on the cloud. With a lot of things being moved in the cloud, it is only rational the businesses of all sizes keep up and move to solutions that are much more in tune with the cloud.

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    Wonderful post.. i think in upcoming days their is full usage of cloud computing services.

  3. Google Drive is an awesome example for cloud computing, which has great features.




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