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Open Source GPS Hardware / Software Solution

There are millions of GPS tracking systems available in the market; recently I came across one, IAM GPS Tracking system. Let us see how it is different from numerous others out there.

The hardware is a masterpiece of simplicity and contains smallest microcontrollers Atmel microcontrollers (ATTiny2313) and all in one GSM/GPS module (SIM548C/SIM908C).

Apart from vehicles you can also track, pets or people like hikers. This application uses a very small footprint. Both external and internal antennae are being supported by the tracker. For instance, a car application an external antenna with long leads is required for maximum placement flexibility.

A specific case for the device has not been designed. The simplicity and customizable design of the tracker allows it to be assembled. A small box is itself enough to fit the tracker.

Once the tracker is placed it can be used on any supported platform to track your assets. All major operating systems are supported like Windows, MacOS, Linux, Free BSD and an Android version

Google StreetView capability is also integrated in the software to allow locating your asset if the street view is available in the specified area. This feature is of great aid especially in case of a missing or a stolen vehicle.


  • Easily add assets and asset categories for a clear overview of your data
  • Configure the remote tracker's password and reporting phone number
  • Create and manage geofences and get per asset alert messages when outside geofence
  • Switch tracker update intervals (timely updates), request update at any time, or put the tracker in 'tracking' mode whereby updates are sent based on change in speed and heading
  • View logs of the asset with all the information regarding battery, tracking history, etc.
  • Export tracking data as GPX to easily use in other applications such as Google Earth
  • Configure the use of either the GSM modem or Clickatell to send commands to the tracker. This means that even if you can only receive SMS with your modem (e.g., low prepaid credit), you can still send commands to your tracker cheaply with Clickatell.
  • Support for both Metric and Imperial units
Multiple Tracking Units, Multiple Map Providers such as Google Maps, Google Street View and Open Map are one of those features which make this Tracking System better than others. Plus its integration with various Operating Systems makes it easy to accept. The Raspberry Pi is supported as well as a tracking base station. Both hardware and software is open sourced and the unused pins of the micro controller on the production version available for user to attach their own hardware and be creative.

As with any upcoming start-up  the capital and funds are limited, and they need your support.
You can also go ahead and support this great project and help the innovation drive.


  1. During these days usage of GPS is becoming very popular. But the thing is GPS is default is some mobiles and tablets...

    thanks for the informative post.

  2. Hey,
    Great things to know. GPS is really very helpful where you don't have any idea about exact location.

    generally, GPS came already with Android based phones. I got some new things from your post.

    Thanks :)

  3. @Previous posters,

    Sure, GPS is default on most smart phones. The device described here allows you to track other assets by means of GPS. For example, you have a car/games console/etc that gets stolen, a pet you want to track, trucks you need to know the location off, etc.

    You can find the location of these assets remotely from your PC or mobile phone using the hardware and software from this project.


  4. These kind of technologies can be handy in intelligence and army to protect our nation from attacks.

  5. These technologies are so cheap that you can use them anywhere. First thing that comes in mind is car security. Just hide it anywhere inside your car and you can track it in case of theft. Of course - no one needs to know it's here, otherwise blocking signal is simple. Just use it as additional silent precaution.