Science behind GeoScience

Geoscience is the study of the earth, and all things found on and within it. There are actually sub-sciences for advanced geosciences, including geochemistry, geology, and geophysics. Geoscience is one of the oldest sciences, dating back to when our oldest ancestors studied not just evolution, but the various natural energy and mineral sources found on the planet. Geoscience is all about studying the various elements and processes that have made our planet what it is today, beginning with the start of the planet over 4.5 billion years ago. Rocks and minerals are most commonly used to study how the earth has changed during this time, and thus a lot of geoscience involves the study of rocks and minerals and the formations they make.

Today, one of the core theories of geoscience is that the outer section of Earth, known as the lithosphere, is made up of tectonic plates - plates that interlock with one another and can shift. Geoscience has found that all earth-related processes, including volcanic activity and earthquakes, are affected by or are somehow related to the tectonic plates.

Geoscientists rely on many different tools and techniques to study the earth, including 2D and 3D tomography, resistivity imaging, and the use of special equipment that work in conjunction with electrodes to study the structures that are found beneath the earth's surface.

While geoscience may seem like a lofty type of science that has nothing to do with everyday people, the exact opposite is true. It's because of the various studies and imaging conducted by geoscientists that we are able to find oil wells and underground water sources, build bridges, and tentatively predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Engineers also rely on geoscience to help them with their jobs. Construction projects can't be executed without advanced knowledge of the surrounding ground and the formations found underground. Oil companies are unable to drill new wells or modify existing ones without knowing what's going on around the wells or drilling sites. And naturally forming salt compounds are commonly harvested to make road salt, which without we would have a much worse time at driving on the roads during icy weather.

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