Editing Vine Video with Wondershare Video Editor

Vine is a popular platform owned by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short looping video clips. Video clips created with Vine have a maximum clip length of seven seconds and can be shared to Vine's social network. It is quite popular platform for sharing videos and many users have always wanted to effectively enjoy and share their Vine video.  For doing the same you need reliable editing software that will improve its quality.

Contrary to what you may think, you do not need a computer guru to edit your vine video. The Wondershare Video Editor is highly recommended for all of your edition needs. This is an application that is easy to use and very concise.

Below are the steps to follow to edit your vine video through Wondershare:
  1. If you would like to change the length of the video, you simply need to use the “Split” function. You will need to simply move the slider into the position at which you would like to carry out the split. Upon reaching the point where you would like to split, hits the “scissors” button or selects the “split” option.
  2. If there are several Vine videos that you would wish to merge, the process is simple. Ensure that you place all the videos on the timeline in the right order of merger. Hit on “Create”. If you have the need for specified video effects for different segments of the entire creation, opt for the “transition” tab and then proceed to drag the transition to the video. If this transition effect should apply to all videos, simply right click on the effect and select the option “Apply to all”.
  3. Editing the audio component of your file is a basic need for any person who avidly uses the vine platform. To accomplish this, click on the edit option on the timeline. Go to the audio column where you can then proceed to edit the pitch, volume as well as fade in and out effects.
  4. To edit the original audio sound, right click on the video file and select “Auto Detach”. The audio file will be duly separated. If you choose to replace it or just delete it, this is easily possible.
  5. You might also wish to pimp up your video more and this will imply that you add a range of effects. When you click on the “effect” button, you will find about 50 effects to choose from. To apply a selected effect, you simply need to drag and drop it to the timeline. To get even more effects, you can just download them through the “Download” interface easily visible.

There are many editing advantages that you can enjoy with this software. Tools like crop, rotate, split and cut are all within easy reach and they will definitely add loads of fun to the process and the overall quality of the video you get. You will get to set the right contrasts and enjoy the best vine video experience.

Furthermore, with this software, you have the liberty to save the video file into a new format, burn the piece into a DVD and proceed to upload as desired. Thus, you do not have to worry about the quality of your vine video, this software makes it all worthwhile to share/download vine video.

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