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Working with strict deadlines, team distributed across the countries or even continents has now become a usual thing in part of everybody’s life. But how to cope up with all this when to meet deadlines is mandatory and client is offering huge money then we cannot afford to lose him or the respect of our company. In such situations to work in a streamlined manner and collaborating all the team members can be really hectic and stressful job for Manager. Here Comindware comes into picture.

Comindware is a software company which designs online managing tools for team project management, task management, issue management and online collaboration. The company aims at providing business with most efficient ways and controlling abilities which includes everything from suggestion to efficiency of project completion. Comindware takes care of issue tracking, bug tracking, deadlines, requests, help desk and thus provides the suitable software for one’s needs.

The online collaboration tools may be really helpful for a manager as they help in taking the control over the whole project from requirement phase of the project to distribution of tasks to monitoring the progress of the project and thus making it easier to handle the complications by using workflow management. No matter how big or complex your project is, Comindware promises to make the handling much easier. Wherever the best quality is needed it aims at providing the perfect task management plus the costs are reduced to very much extent as communication issues will be decreased. With all of these things it can make you estimate the deadlines easier.

As we all know one unsatisfied client can cost us many other clients and hence a huge loss of the company. Thus issues must be tracked then and there, Comindware is providing this wonderful issue tracker where any issue may be tracked. As we all know the client requirements may change day to day, he can add or alter his preferences and we cannot refuse the new piece of work for bad online collaboration or tools being not flexible to these requirements. Well, now Comindware has this innovative Issue tracking software which takes care of all the client requirements and new preferences and thus the satisfaction of the client is always up to the maximum level.

The amazing issue tracking software is a result of hardwork and intelligence of the guys behind Comindware. They developed the Issue Tracker on a new pattern which takes care of user and in more flexible in handling complex projects. This new architectural structure exceed at all chapters to other alternatives, the table is more than self-explanatory

The advantages and benefits of using this service are:
  1. Transparency. Make yourself aware of the project activities, calculating KPI and get analysis of the processes.
  2. Predictability. Long term business strategies can be planned
  3. Increase Quality. Procedures organized and collective and it also makes sure that nothing ever gets omitted.
  4. Reduce expenses. It helps removing the unwanted overheads and improves group leadership
  5. Integration with Microsoft Outlook. It provides MS Ribbon based user interface, Comindware Endeavor Management allows the person to work with Comindware Project via Enthusiasm Outlook.
In addition to all these features Comindware promises a reliable customer service, it could prove to you an impeccable choice when comes to complete intricate projects and hence making the work a place to enjoy.

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