Types of DSLR Lenses

For the casual photographer, a single lens camera is often sufficient for taking many different types of pictures. Modern digital cameras are quite adept at automatically optimizing color, zoom, and light to take the best possible pictures under a wide variety of conditions. However, if you plan to take certain types of specialized pictures such as nature or sport photos, it is often a good idea to have a selection of DSLR lenses in your camera bag. These lenses attach to your camera and allow you to take high quality pictures of tricky subjects.
These are some of the DSLR lenses to consider keeping on hand.

Zoom Lenses

Zoom lenses allow you to focus on far away objects. They narrow the camera’s field of few considerably, but in exchange they are able to pick out a great deal of detail from a long way off. Zoom lenses come in a variety of different sizes, and generally longer lenses provide more zoom. However, the magnification power of a zoom lens is generally not fixed, and it can be adjusted a significant amount using a dial on the lens. Zoom lenses are great for wildlife photographers who do not always have the luxury of getting very close to their subject.

Wide Angle Lenses

Wide angle lenses have a larger field of view, allowing them to take panoramic shots. Some distortion is suffered when taking a wide angle image, most notably a flattening of the distance between the image’s foreground and background. For this reason, wide angle shots should be carefully adjusted to be as narrow as possible while still including everything that needs to be in the shot. Wide angle lenses are especially useful in landscape photography, but they also have commercial uses. Many striking advertisements use wide angle lenses to create eye catching images.

Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are used to achieve highly detailed close up photography. They have a very deep field of view that allows them to pick up many small details easily. The trade off these highly detailed photos is that items in the background of the image tend to blurry and indistinct. Macro lenses only work on things that are in the foreground, very close to the camera. Once again, these DSLR lenses are very useful in nature photography. They allow the photographer to take highly detailed pictures of flowers, insects, snowflakes, and other very small objects.

Special Purpose Lenses

Special purpose lenses are used for achieving different special effects in photography. In the digital age, these lenses have been replaced in many instances by post-processing software. However, some photographers still prefer the organic look achieved by special purpose lenses. The most well-known of this type of lens is probably the fisheye lens, which is used to wide angle lens that deliberately distorts objects in the background to draw attention to ones in the foreground. Other types of special purpose lenses include apochromat lenses to automatically correct chromatic distortion, and superzoom lenses that are used for aerial photographer or for taking pictures over other massive distances.

Having the right DSLR lenses on hand greatly increases your versatility as a photographer.

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