Recovering your Data from Memory Card

What to do when your memory card data gets accidentally deleted? This is really an awful situation that may have been witnessed by most of us. You might store some useful data including the photos, song lists, videos etc. in your memory card. But before you could transfer them to a safe place, they accident get deleted or the memory card gets formatted. Sometimes, it may happen that a family member may carelessly delete the photos. If this happens then all you need to do is hurry up, you may have a chance to recover the imported files from deleted or formatted memory card.
You just need to use EaseUS memory card recovery software.

Memory card is a solid state electronic flash memory that is used to store data. You can store any data in memory card including the photos, videos, files, and other useful things. These memory cards can be used in digital cameras, cell phones, and other useful devices that involve storage in memory. But what if the useful data gets deleted? Here is a brief tutorial to explain you the procedure of micro SD card recovery, after the data is accident deleted or your card is formatted.

If you wish to avoid the overwriting of data during the micro SD card recovery then you need to take care of following precautions:
  • You should make sure that you should not take too many pictures or write data on same memory card (Micro SD Card) from which, you need to recover the data lost.
  • After the data is deleted, stop using the memory card.
  • Try EaseUS memory card recovery software to recover your lost data immediately.
You might use USB SD card reader so that the computer and micro SD card recovery software reads your memory card and work to recover your card. If still the data is not readable, the only way you are left with is formatting the memory card. You must use the memory card recovery software to recover the misplaced data, immediately.

Process of recovering the lost data

Follow these three steps to get back your lost data.
  • You should launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and select recovery module. If you want to recover the deleted files or emptied recycle bin then select ‘Deleted File Recovery’, or if you want to recover formatted memory card then ‘Complete Recovery’ to get back your lost data.
  • Choose the micro SD card that is to be scanned and select the file types.
  • Once the recovery process runs, you will see the data founded on the main window. You can easily get the preview of data that is to be restored. Choose the data, you wish restore and save it by clicking on ‘Recover’.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is one of the popular Micro SD card Recovery tool that is very helpful to recover the lost data. The user friendly nature of its wizard allows you to get back your lost data easily. All micro SD card bands are supported by this memory card recovery s

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Needless to say about the amount of memory card data loss, just stay calm and use Remo More tool to recover data from memory cards like MMC, SD, XD, SDHC and SDXC cards.



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