iOS8 : Top Features of Apple’s latest offering

The long awaiting of Apple users for the release of the new iOS 8 has finally come to an end. This user-friendly operating system is launched at Worldwide Developers Conference 2014. During the development of iOS 8, the developers were more concerned about redesigning its features such that it proves better than the older versions. Now, it is noticeable that the new iOS 8 has many improvised features that make it extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

Let’s look at the different features of iOS 8 :

1. Family Sharing

This is one of the exciting new features of iOS 8 wherein the users can share their iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases with their family. The users can use this feature to share the purchased software, movies, songs or eBooks with other family members.

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2. Health App

Health conscious people can now keep track of their health with the new health apps provided on iOS 8. These apps include activity tracker, heart rate monitor and other health and fitness apps. HealthKit is rumoured to be an app that combines health and fitness data and sends it across different fitness apps. With these apps, the user will be able to track the progress of their health and fitness and view the data through charts.

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3. Notification Centre

The new iOS 8 provides a better and more interactive notification centre. Its notification centre has been redesigned to make it more interactive for Apple users. With this feature, the users can reply to the messages without launching the message app. Apart from that, the users will also be able to access the notification centre without unlocking their mobile phone.

4. Mail App

The new iOS 8 comes with an improved mail app. Now, the mail app provides users with the capability to delete mail from the notification centre just by moving their finger on it. With this feature, they can also check other mails while composing a mail. These features are modelled on the features of the mailbox but it evident that Mail app in iOS 8 has improved considerably.

5. Easy Access to Contacts

Earlier, Apple iPhone users could access all the apps on their mobile phones by tapping twice on the home button. However, with iOS 8, the iPhone users will need to tap twice on the home button to get access to the frequently dialled numbers on the contact list and FaceTime.

Apple made the iOS 8 operating system available on various iPhone models. Some of these include iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad 3, iPod touch fifth-generation and iPad mini.

The new iOS 8 has become a boon for Apple users who were looking for new and improved apps which will redefine how people use smartphones. iOS 8 has seen major improvisations in its features and includes most of the additions that were on the wish list of mobile phone users.

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  3. Yeah i love that notification centre on iOS 8 for instant message reply without launching message app and overall look is fresh and new:)

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