Entry Level Mozilla Spice Smartphones to attract Low Budget Customers

With new world of low budget phones many companies have come up with many new devices which come with Android OS and with quite good features, Spice is one of them which is coming with a low budget strata for the lower budget customers. Spice recently was joined by Mozilla and they brought up new Indian handsets and they price for Rs 1,500 in India. These were expected in Indian market in the month July and august and are brought up to re-define the category of super- affordable smartphones in Indian market. These devices will run on Firefox OS and will be in competition with android and Windows smartphones.

Mozilla united with Intex and Spice and they came with low budget smartphones which are supported by EDGE and WCDMA, but comparatively small screens of 3 and 3.5 inch. Spice on 8th august said that it will bring the much awaited Rs 15,000 Firefox mobile before Diwali. And with this cache under the Android One initiative, Google partnered with Spice, Micromax, and Karbonn from India to deliver a smartphone under Rs 6,000.

Both the handsets are expected to fuel further competition in the world's fastest growing smartphone market. "We will have the handsets in before Diwali. These phones are designed for driving connectivity at affordable prices. We were chosen for our innovation, we are among the chosen few to work with these global giants to bring these devices to India," Spice Retail CEO Devices T M Ramakrishnan said. Spice will even increase the production according to the consumption, and this will help to grow the revenues of the company and be among the best smartphone companies. The device will be launched will have a 3.5 inch screen, and it will be supported by dual sim having 128 MB RAM and an internal memory of 256 MB. "The first time user will be our target consumer. We are trying to get the final retail price of the device - named Cloud FX - to anywhere between Rs 1,800 and Rs 2,000, which will be available in the first week of August," he said. Dilip Modi, co-founder & CEO of Spice was quoted in the same blogpost as saying that the device will be for "everyone". Mozilla after with Spice and Intex is trying to go further with Alcatel OneTouch (FIRE E) and ZTE (Open II) on a global level.

However, analysts feel that price alone may not be the sole purchase criteria for Indian consumers despite being extremely cost sensitive, as they may look for a wholesome smartphone experience which these devices may not offer. "Entry level low cost smartphones have been selling for a long time but have hardly seen any uptake because consumers do not appreciate the value proposition," said Jayanth Kolla, cofounder and partner at telecom research firm Convergence Catalyst. "They do not want a suboptimal user experience. It may be the same case here."

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