Reduce Time Card Fraud with Biometric Timeclocks

Many companies have moved away from traditional “punch in” clocks because of their limitations. A major problem is that it’s easy for employees to have a co-worker clock in or out for them and commit fraud. Unless there is a supervisor monitoring the time clock or a surveillance camera watching the area, it is very difficult to detect this type of fraudulent activity. The result can be significant lost wages and production.

Employers a combating employee time card fraud by implementing biometric clocks which rely on a person’s unique physical characteristics rather than a code or a card. This makes it almost impossible for an employee to cheat the system.

Biometric timeclock readers typically come in one of three types:
  1. Fingerprint Readers: We all know that people have unique fingerprints that never change. A fingerprint reader uses this to create a secure method of clocking in and out. Employees scan their fingerprints into the system, where they are saved as binary information charting characteristics of a fingerprint such as loops and ridges. Each time the employee clocks into the system, the machine compares these points to the saved entries and finds a match.

  2. Hand Readers: Instead of relying on just a fingerprint, biometric readers can also scan an entire hand. A 3D reading of the employee’s hand records such features as their finger length, palm width or span between fingers. Even if an employee gains or loses weight in their hands, the machines will still have an accurate reading.

  3. Facial Recognition: These are the most advanced biometric time clocks available and are most commonly used in areas with high security levels. Machines can perform a retinal scan to compare the unique traits of their iris to information stored in the system. Facial recognition systems can also match all of the characteristics of a person’s face against stored images. In both cases, no physical contact is needed in order to get a match, reducing the chances of spreading illnesses throughout a company.

The reduced cost and increased effectiveness of biometric time card machines are leading to their rising use in various industries. The ability to recoup lost manpower and stop employee fraud often makes these machines investments which pay for themselves over time.

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