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The most important factor of building anything lies in its strong foundation. Be it your house, learning a language, or setting up a business, a good groundwork is necessary to be perfected. Similarly, a good web hosting is extremely crucial for any website, it is a footing to your brand building, customer expansion and moreover a stable website.

Let us have a peek into things to consider before choosing a webhosting agent.


A good and timely support is extremely important for your website. This will be useful in assisting any issues with server’s reliability. Customer support can be in any of the forms of email, call center or an online forums where issues can be escalated, resolution to be provided, and network could be monitored 24X7.


This is the central component of hosting a website is the website should be up 100 % of the time else you will be losing visitors, potential customers and eventually your business. 100% of uptime could be a farfetched reality but look for webhosting providers that provide minimum 99.5 uptime. The other utilities to check for with a webs hosting agent are their backup solutions in event of failures.


Forecasting is essential for every business, so is the resources that are put to use. In such cases a web hosting service should be able to provide flexibility in upgradation of plans in case if you plan to expand your business. These improvement services may include increase in disc space, maintenance of extra data traffic or increment in number of email accounts.

Disk space

Disk Space and data transfer are non-negotiable elements while choosing a web hosting portal and suited plan. Your website at present might consume small amount of disk space but that must not limit your disk space. There should always be room for growth in terms of email storage and space. Be aware of webhosting service provides notification for storage alerts but not surprising you with extra fees for exceeding data storage or monthly bandwidth traffic allowance. Hence, make sure you go through all the terms and conditions pertaining to bandwidth and disk space.

Data backup

Data backup is fundamental service which must be provided by any webhosting portal. There could be numerous cases where your website might face unforeseen while you are updating or making changes to existing UI. Such anticipated cases might be taken care if the webhosting server periodically back-ups your website. Moreover, you must too get the onus of archiving the website files to your personal hard drive.

The Free Domain

Note, avoid falling into the free domain promotion, it might land your website into serious ownership troubles. As before entering into any terms for free domain consider the clause where it states the owner of the domain. It could be possible that domain is free but hosting company retains the proprietorship, so you might get stuck with the company or pay a huge sum to buy your own domain.

Also, first few years could be free but what about the next ones? You could be liable to pay a hefty sum which might be upto 200% of average sum.

After a thorough research our team landed on to this very reliable web hosting provider that clearly answers to all your questions before you buy services for them.

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