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Unable to Open Certain Web Sites? Try These Tweaks

From the IE window, go to Tools[]Internet Options[]Advanced and uncheck the option nable third party browsing extensions.
Now restart IE.

Go to Start [Run] and type regsvr32 actxprxy.dll (follow next bullet point too)
Go to Start[Run ]and type regsvr32 shdocvw.dll and reboot.

Open Tools[Internet Options][Privacy tab] and put one of these web sites in the list
which can be located by clicking the Sites button.

Try putting the web site in the "Trusted Zone" and if this fixes the problem, you can
begin to diagnose cookie/script problems with that site and your Internet zone settings.

If you are a dial-up user and your ISP have more than one local number for dialup,
remove the primary number that is dialing up first and use the secondary dialup
number. Clear the checkbox for Negotiate multilink for single link connections
under the PPP settings.

A file in your Windows folder called 'hosts' (no extension) may have an incorrect IP
address for the page. To find out, open Windows Explorer, select your C:\Windows
folder, and look in the right pane for a hosts file. If you can't find it in your Windows folder, this isn't your problem. If you do find a hosts file, open it in Notepad and look for a line referring to the page that's giving you trouble. If it's there, enter # at the beginning of the line. Save and exit the file.

Go to Tools[]Internet Options[]Connections[]Lan Settings. Uncheck Use a proxy
server. Now restart IE.
These steps will definitely solve the issues.