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Hard Drives Open In New Window in Windows XP [Solution]

One of our readers reported, when ever he double clicks on any of the drive to open in Windows XP, it opens automatically in new window.

A user can set this option using Open Each Folder In Its Own Window. Under File menu > Tools > Folder Options in General, but Virus overrides this setting.


Method 1:
  1. Open Start >> Run and type regsvr32 /i shell32.dll
  2. Press ok
  3. You will see a message DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in shell32.dll succeeded
  4. That’s it
Method 2:
  1. Open Start >> Run and type regedit
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Directory/Shell
  3. Double click the default key type none and press ok.
  4. Now navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Drive/Shell.
  5. Double click the default key type none and press ok.
Method 3:

If you don’t want to play with the registry ,you can run the following command instead at
  1. Run Prompt: ( Open Start >> Run )
  2. “reg add hkcr\drive\shell /ve /d none /f” (without double quotes)

Please restart your computer after applying the solution to see the result.

Note : If non of the solutions here work , that means your comp is still infected with that virus and it resets the setting back. Use a good anti virus to remove the virus first.