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Soft and Hard Reset / Format Nokia Mobile Device

As cell phones become more sophisticated, many users find they've accidentally filled the phone to capacity or, even worse, downloaded something that's interfering with the functioning of the phone. In some cases, formatting is your only option.

Soft Reset code :
  • *#7370# : Soft-format the memory
  • *7780# : Reset to factory defaults, confirmation required (also known has a Hard-format), all phone contents will be wiped clean including contacts and smses if they are stored on the phone

Hard Format code :

  • Turn off the mobile device.
  • Press and Hold the following three buttons: the green Call Answer button, the “*” button, and the number “3″ button.
  • While holding these buttons, turn on the phone and keep holding the keys until the mobile phone restarts and prompts you to enter details.

Note : Disable startup pin code and secuirty code checks before hard formatting the phone.