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TechQuark.com joins "U Comment I Follow" Revolution

Almost all blog platforms by default are set up so that a “dead end” piece of code is inserted wherever there is a link in a comment, so that search engines will not “count” the link as they are crawling the internet. This was originally designed to help stop comment spam, but it doesn’t work. What it does is remove some of the incentive for your readers contribute to your site by commenting on your posts.

Links with “nofollow” do not count as backlinks to search engines like Google, so you don’t get the PageRank juice or search engine ranking benefit for a link with “nofollow”. Commenting on DoFollow blogs is one way of getting some Pagerank or link juice. There is no specific penalty from Google (as of now) for having links from blog comments.

What can you do about it? Turn off “nofollow”. Show your commenters that you appreciate them. Spread the link love.

What is “Do Follow” Policy

The blogs or sites which adopt do follow comment policy allow you to get the linkback though your comments. In the “Do follow” policy you receive back links from websites who adopt this policy by simply making a comment on these sites and which is off course index and follow by Google for measuring your website PageRank It will also count as blog Reaction in Technorati and will ultimately increase your Authority and Technorati Ranking. For more information do follow policy please read this post.

Please Do Not Spam Comments

These do Follow Blog provide you a backlink, Right, but I request you while making comments on these blog please do write relevant and subjective matter and just don’t spam by saying “Good Post” or “Great Post”.

Why the U Comment, I Follow Badge?
It’s one way to let your readers know that when they leave comments, they’re going to get link love. Sure, you can write a few post about it and even remind readers from time to time. But many will not see it. But the badge, that stays and your readers can see it.

Do you wish to join this movement?

Goto Blogger Beta Template HTML with widgets expanded and replace

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'>
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'>

And to make other bloggers know that you are part of the movement just add badge of "U Comment I Follow" to your blog, like the one in sidebar of my blog.

UPDATE : Due to spamming, TechQuark.com has again shifted to no follow comment system.