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Compare Laptop Price, Features, User Reviews : ConsumerMate.com

If You’re going to buy a product, i am sure you will do a lot of survey to gather more information, why not visit the websites that reviews products and helps you to choose the best product available in the market. ConsumerMate.com is one such website recently launched by the 9.9 Media group that owns India’s number one Tech Magazine, Think Digit. This website provides authentic and credible information to users who are in the look out for the best product available in the market.At present this website has expert buying advice on laptop computers.

In the present state, Consumermate.com serves as a one-stop buying guide for laptop customers. It empowers customers to make well informed best buy decisions by providing them 360o view on laptops and laptop prices. It provides answers to all types of laptop buyers- those who know very little about laptops and are interested to know, what all models are available in the market, which brand or model will be best suited for them, what value deals are available in the market and much more. It also provides answers to those prospective buyers who have shortlisted a particular model and want to know - what is the best price on offer, where to buy from, what users or experts have to say about the model, etc. In other words it covers the entire spectrum of information one needs to make an informed buying decision. The highlight features of the website are:
  1. Search models : Search all the available models across brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Acer, Asus, etc. , and know the price and features of these models,
  2. Compare Laptops: Compare models on price, features and specifications and select models that best meet buying criteria,
  3. Expert Ratings & Reviews: Read what experts have to say about a particular model and what their ratings are. This section is powered by Digit Test Center, part of India’s No 1 technology magazine- Digit, and testing technology products since 2001,
  4. User Reviews: Read what users of Laptops have to say about model they are using,
  5. Hot Deals: Read what best deals for laptops are available in the market,
  6. New Launches: Read what new laptop models are being launched in the market and what are their distinctive features,
  7. Ask Experts: Solve your query on Laptops by writing to Consumermate.com experts and checking the Expert ratings,
  8. Get Price Offers: Receive best price offers from the sellers for chosen models,
  9. Consumer Protection: Read anything you want to know about consumer protection; Contact Customer centers of various laptop manufacturers,
and lot more.....

This website covers a wide range of brands from Dell to Wipro. So you can compare both International and Indian brands and choose wisely.And the best part is that the ratings and reviews are done at DIGIT Test Center.

About 9.9 Media

9.9 Media is one of India’s fastest growing diversified media companies that offers high-quality, timely knowledge and insights to targeted consumers, businesses and professional communities. Through its portfolio of magazines, websites, events, and peer groups, 9.9 Media delivers quality content to each of the communities it caters to. Some of the leading print publications under its fold are: Digit, India’s No 1 Technology Magazine; The CTO Forum, the fortnightly magazine for the CIO/CTO community; Logistics 2.0, a magazine for professionals involved in the management of logistics and supply chains; and SKOAR, a computer and video gaming magazine, created for gamers, by gamers.