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Samsung LED TV’s launched in India

A few years ago, LCDs were dubbed to be the future of televisions, but now LED TVs have that job. Samsung are certainly leading the way when it comes to these energy saving TVs with their sexy slim looks and superb performance.

Samsung LED TV represent the company's focus on three areas: picture quality, design, and environmental impact. Featuring deep contrast, true-to-life color reproduction, and an incredible range of brightness without compromising clarity, these TVs represent the most advanced HDTV technology available using no paint spray, no mercury, and 40% less power. Measuring only 1.2-inches deep, these are also some of the slimmest HDTVs available. Perfect for mounting on the wall, the screen's soft, square edges feature a touch of amber, creating a majestic frame around the image, like a work of art. Best of all, you can use the Series 7 to access data on your USB cameras and drives, or connect to the Internet and use built-in widgets to check out Flickr, get stock or weather updates, and link to PCs to access your local media.
Samsung has pioneered a new species in the TV market with our LED Full HD TVs that redefines the standards for viewing quality, home entertainment décor and energy efficiency. We are committed to leveraging our technological and design leadership to create new categories, markets and demand, and will continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of consumers’ evolving needs and develop innovative products that enhance their digital lifestyles,” said Mr. Moon Sung-Hyun, Managing Director, Samsung Asia. The immense market potential of the new category is expected to help drive the global TV market leader towards its target of selling 26 million flat-screen TVs globally in 2009.

The first thing that you will notice with Samsung’s Series 6 and 7 LED TVs is its depth, just 1.2-inch thin. These televisions are made from just one single part rather than multiple parts. Unbeatable have described this new range of TVs as Elegant, thanks to its great TV body and unique crystal neck. The frame is recyclable and contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the paint, the TV also uses 40 percent less power that an ultra low power consuming standby mode. The TV has a number of cool features, such as Mega Contrast Ratio, Wide Colour Enhancer Pro and 100Hz Motion Plus technology.

All three of Samsung’s LED HDTV Series achieve dynamic contrast ratios that surpass those of traditional LCD HDTVs using a CCFL, for deep, inky blacks and crisp whites. The use of LEDs and Samsung’s Wide Color Enhancer Pro feature work together to also produce a more vivid, yet natural range of colors with a variety of content. The Ultra Clear Panel allows more light to pass through the screen while reducing reflections from ambient light, resulting in a bright and detailed picture in most any room. Samsung’s “Natural” mode optimizes picture settings to ensure the brightness advantage of LCD displays and the cinema-like richness of plasma displays with any content.

To battle motion blur and image judder that can plague LCD displays when displaying fast movement onscreen, the LED HDTVs utilize Samsung’s acclaimed Auto Motion Plus frame interpolation technology and fast refresh rates. The 8000 Series features a quick 240Hz refresh rate – four times that of other TVs – to nearly eliminate the ill effects of displaying quick, action-packed motion. Both the 7000 and 6000 Series feature an also-swift 120Hz refresh rate for viewing clarity with sports, movies and video games. New for 2009 is the option for advanced users to customize Auto Motion Plus by adjusting for judder and motion blur independently.

Environmentally Friendly:

The LED backlights make it a lot easier for a big screen TV to have clearer, truer colors but to not use as much energy to power the screen. While it’s not made from recycled water bottles – yet – we are impressed with the efforts to cut down on energy consumption and the fact that Samsung has left out harmful chemicals like lead and mercury and other VOCs. While you don’t want this TV to end up in a landfill, it won’t be leaking harmful chemicals out.

But, fortunately, through Samsung’s Recycling Direct program you can avoid the landfill option. Available in all 50 states, Samsung gives you the option to take back all your Samsung-branded electronic devices. It’s available in all 50 states.

Energy Consumption:

Samsung says they’ve cut energy consumption by as much as 40% - easy to believe with the LED backlights. LED lights require less energy to light up the screen and actually provide better picture than the regular LCD lights. Samsung even took it a step farther by putting the LEDs in the side rather than covering the entire panel with them. It cuts power down when the TV is on, but also helps to reduce energy consumption when the TV is turned off. No more paying for your TV when you aren’t using it.

Product Features:

Forget the green features, this flat-panel big-screen TV has all the bells and whistles that make watching images on this screen a treat. The 1080p and 120hz combo make for some of the smoothest, clearest picture available on today’s market. Add in the LED backlight and it’s one of 2009’s best TVs. But the features don’t stop there. Samsung has made the TV's as close to a work of art as a TV can get with the Touch of Color around the chassis.

100Hz Motion Plus
Built with Samsung’s Motion Plus technology, the powerful 100Hz refresh rate will allow your TV to render even the fastest moving images with perfect clarity.

Samsung LED TV Engine
Crisp, crystal clear images are achieved with Samsung LED TV Engine technology. The combination of the Ultra Clear Panel and a powerful picture-enhancing chip is what the engine uses to deliver on its promise: premium performance.

Wide Color Enhancer Pro
Samsung’s Wide Color Enhancer Pro delivers a richer, fuller colour palette so you can enjoy more lifelike images.

Ultra Clear Panel
By effectively eliminating ambient light reflection and allowing more light to pass through it, the Ultra Clear Panel creates perfect images under imperfect lighting conditions.

Full HD 1080P
Watch the world come to life in a blaze of beauty. With two times the resolution of HDTV, Full HD 1080p provides a richness and realism that engages your emotions and gives the most satisfying entertainment you have ever experienced.

Crystal Design
Created with dual molding injection technology, the beautiful Crystal Design of the Samsung LED TV exudes an elegant colour appeal that changes with different lighting conditions.

Razor Slim Beauty
Fewer and less bulky components have made possible a razor slim TV that perfectly complements your ultra modern décor.

Ultra Slim Wall Mount
The ultra light and razor slim Samsung LED TV can be hung like a masterpiece in your living room with Samsung’s innovative and ultra slim wall mount.
Content Library Flash
From art, games to recipes, enjoy it all on your TV with the built-in Content Library Flash. You can also expand your library by downloading content.

USB 2.0 Movie
USB 2.0 Movie lets you enjoy your stored multimedia files on the big screen – videos, photos, music and more.

DLNA Wireless
DLNA Wireless lets you seamlessly watch content from your PC or mobile phone without any wires or cables.

Treat your senses to unlimited high definition entertainment with 4 HDMI. Enjoy the benefits of greater bandwidth and higher speed of digital data transmission.

Anynet+ allows you to create a comprehensive network of connected audio and video digital devices that can be controlled by a single remote control.

SRS TruSurround HD Digital
The SRS TruSurround HD Digital system adds powerful multidirectional sound for Movies, Sports, and Games to the max.

Best Sound for Best Picture
Incorporating cutting-edge technologies the Sound Bar not only enhances the ambient sound but also ensures the optimal tonal balance for true surround sound. To top it all is the extraordinary sound clarity that allows to enjoy your favourite movies and music to the max.

Sound to Match Your Needs
With sound modes for News, Cinema and Music, Samsung Sound Bar enables you to optimize the sound according to your viewing needs and enjoy the perfect entertainment experience.

Powerful 100W Wireless Subwoofer
Samsung Sound Bar’s 100W Wireless Subwoofer ensures rich, clear and deep bass that adds sonic depth . What’s more, wireless convenience enables an easy and neat set up.

Easy Control with Single Remote
Your Samsung LED TV and Sound Bar are amazingly easy to control too as you can adjust volume and also control the sound channels from your Samsung LED TV’s remote control.


Samsung has taken TVs to the next level. Philips may have started the green trend in TVs with their “eco-TV” but Samsung has provided a device that not only is easy on the environment, but doesn’t sacrifice in quality. The Samsung LED TV's are the best TVs of 2009 in features and picture quality and is one of the best energy saving TVs. All-around, this TV is sure to please everyone in the house, tree lovers and TV lovers alike.