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5 Things to Turbo Charge Ubuntu's Booting Time

Ubuntu has been constantly working over its boots time. With an aim to reduce boot time from 21.4 seconds (Ubuntu 9.04) to 10 seconds (Ubuntu 10.04), its team has a lot of work to do. Here are some things they can do:

User defined boot time

How good will it be, if user would be able to streamline their boot process. With the installation of different software’s the boot time tends to go up, but a simple tool can be provided to Ubuntu users to delay, uninstall or remove the software that takes most of the time during startup. One small analysis tool that could compare the initial boot time and current boot time, and can also provide user with some kind of analysis of software that are taking too much of time can help users configure their boot options and can thus help in achieving smaller start up time

Delay loading unnecessary programs

There are many programs which takes too much of time in booting and is not required immediately as computer starts. It would be a better idea to defer their start during start-up process and can be started once the computer has started

Use of Profiler

It is still ambiguous as to which part takes more time, before login-screen or after it. Many people have different experience. A profiler can be attached which can log into the exact time each process is taking and then can help in improving the boot time.

Utilize time during which user types his password

One place where most of the work can be done is the time when user enters his password and on some occasion his username also. This time can be utilized in fetching some programs into memory. If we assume, on an average, a user takes 1 second to enter his username/password, this time can be utilized to fetch some program completely/partially into memory. In case a user does not enter his username/password for some long time, all the programs can be completely fetched into memory, so that as soon as user enters his login details, he see his computer started-up

Make gnome faster, as fast as xfce

It is a fact, gnome is slow and it needs improvements. xfce can do many things better and in much lighter way than gnome does. Gnome needs to be worked upon, may be reengineer it.