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Delete a file from Google Code Hosted Project

I use Google Code Project Hosting to host files for my blog. But it's very difficult to remove a file from Google Code Project once you upload it. You would not be able to find any option which lets you delete that file. This gets really frustrating when, you want to delete a file if you accidentally uploaded the wrong file and intend to upload a new one using the same name. The help does not help much (there is not really a lot there) so I looked through the community groups and found something.


(1) From “Downloads”, find “Edit Column Spec” from the files list table header, right hand side under the ellipses.

(2) To the List Headers (Columns), add “EditDownload” Update.

(3) Then you’ll get a head named “Edit Download” with value “—”.

(4) Click that value which corresponds to file you want to delete. You get a new presentation of the download.

(5) Now in the secondary toolbar, the line under the line that includes “Project Home” and “Source” and “Administer”, you have “New Download” on the left, a Search Function, and then “Delete”. Click on delete.

(6) You will be taken to a page where you will find the option to delete that file.

NOTE : Files which have been downloaded many time won't be deleted. That file would have been downloaded many times. It is part of your project history and may no longer be delete.