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New Series of Media Players are out in the market by Moser Baer

IVO series of media players is finally out in the market. This series is launched by Moser Baer.

  1. Its come with a QVGA TFT display to enhance photo and video viewing
  2. It can play industry standard formats such as WMV, AVI, XVID and FLV directly - without the need of file converters
  3. It comes in sleek black and white
  4. Offers multiple charging options
  5. Highest Sound Quality
  6. Comes with in-built speakers
  7. It includes FM radio, voice recording and games Carries User-specific Equalizer options
  8. Series includes - 510i, 511i and 515i in 2GB and 4GB memory capacities
This series offers many option to people who are deeply in love with music for enjoying lifetime experience.

Other Accessories:
  • A pair of earphones
  • 2 GB player will cost Rs. 2990
  • 4 GB player will cost Rs. 4990