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Samsung X3 Ultrathin Notebook offers 9-hour Battery

Here we are at the second Samsung announcement, the time for its mobile computing division.

Brief details of a new notebook called the X3:
  1. It has a 9-hour battery
  2. It's an ultrathin
  3. Weighs just under 4 pounds
  4. Has a 14-inch screen
  5. The casing is matte
  6. Will we available in pearl white, titanium silver, and pearl black
  7. There will also be 15.6 inch and 11.6 inch version
  8. It will use an Intel dual core processor
The nine-hour battery life comes from a six-cell battery. For video playback, it will last six hours.

This X series notebooks will integrated:
  1. HSPA wireless
  2. 3-in-1 memory card reader
  3. 3 USB ports, VGA, and HDMI port
There's a security feature that takes a photo each time it starts up. If the picture is not the rightful owner, the computer will be disabled. The software also allows stolen computers to be locked down or data erased remotely.

The price range is 699 euros to 899 euros, or $1,000 to $1,300.