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Keyword Examiner : Automated Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

Keyword Examiner is an application for professional Web site developers and Web novices to gain higher search engine rankings. It enables the end user to perform a search, save the highest ranking Web pages and perform a complete analysis of keyword placement, keyword density and keyword proximities of those Web sites and compare them with their own. The product includes every feature this Web site promoter could think of... from keyword density reports to search engine submission records. Designed by a professional Web site promoter, yet simple enough for the amateur.

This program helps achieve high search engine rankings. It enables the user to fully analyze a Web page and clearly see all of the keyword strengths and weaknesses and, at the same time, enables them to compare the selected Web page to competing Web pages.

In a nutshell Keyword examiner looks at the search volumes for your keywords or key phrases. It gets these figures from Google’s AdWords External Keyword Tool. Once it has these it then looks at the number of competition sites within your niche and is then able to calculate a KEI Score or Keyword Efficiency Indicator. The KEI score tells us how efficient a keyword is and enables us to make the right decisions about which keywords to target.

One of the great features about Keyword Examiner is that the results can be exported to a spreadsheet allowing you to sort by size, thus making your decision for choosing your keywords easy. In my keyword research for this niche, I had chosen 4 key phrases. When I filtered the results from Keyword Examiner the top 4 were the same four that my manual research had come up with. Results 2 and 3 were in a different order but their scores were very close and there are a number of reasons why that may have been. What I also noticed was that result number 5 on Keyword Examiner’s results, was a keyphrase that Keyword Examiner had suggested, and that I had missed in my initial research. Now imagine if this had been the top result! I could have missed the most efficient keyword out there for my niche!

There's also an affiliate programme with 40% lifetime payout if you're able to send me some traffic.