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Torrentbit.nl : Ultimate Source for Torrents

These days each and every one is using torrents for downloading movies, music’s, software’s, etc. because of the easy and free sharing and finding anything needed only at one source.

Torrentbit.nl is the thing that can help you to do your job easier while down loading something including movie, music, picture or documents. With this download torrent you will not have problem anymore that the progress would stuck and you have to start to down loading it from the beginning again. This software is really useful and it is really needed by many people who needs to have the efficiency of work and time.

With the help of torrent technology a torrent file is transferred among users. A torrent file is opened in torrent application and than can be distributed among various users without any additional hardware cost or server fees. This torrent site is best for you because it has the best searching facility with faster browsing and has a huge database of torrents compared to other similar sites.

Torrent sharing was started by Bram Cohen in April 2001. It is now the most significantly used protocol in the internet today. It’s not a new technology but there are still many riddles confusing the users. But now there is no wastage of time as Torrentbit doesn’t have those complication which makes trouble for the users.

The process of sharing starts by creating a .torrent file (e.g., xyz.torrent). This torrent file contains various information such as the trackers, source of distributing the file and the metadata. If you want this information the torrent file should be downloaded, run it with torrent application and then connect with the tracker, which will give orders on where to download what bits of the torrent file.

If you want to download the torrent, don't forget to get the hash of these files from Torrentbit.nl. Here torrent download indexing site with user-friendly interface and without annoying advertisements such as banners and popups. They have several unique features are included such as SSL encrypted secure torrent downloading, torrent download search, torrent forum with requests, and torrent blog with downloads.

Unique features of Torrentbit.nl :
  1. daily updated torrent base with latest downlaod releases
  2. SSL encrypted secure torrent downloading
  3. categorized torrent search
  4. torrent forum with requests
  5. torrent blog with downloads
Visitors of Torrentbit.nl can anonymously upload torrents to this site, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker. Their purpose here is to find and catalog all the nice torrents from other web sites out there. They are trying to be a reliable directory and a news source for all the torrent freaks out there. Also remember: no files are actually hosted on their server; the files available from peers of the BitTorrent network. The one and only thing they host is the hash (fingerprint) of these files. When you open a torrent, your machine contacts the tracker and asks for a list of seeds and peers to connect to.