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Forgetting the Tough Times using Ebay.com!

Now this is what classifies as starting over from a clean slate. This is a scenario that all of us (yep, even billionaires and star kids) face at least once in our lives. Namely, could we not forget everything bad that happened to us during the course of our sorry existence and start over new, like virgin plastic? Or, a shiny new coin fresh out from the mint.

Apparently you can, if you have an eBay account. Because this was what a bloke from Down Under planned to achieve. Ian Usher was so heartbroken by a messy divorce that he could not bear to look at his house, his friends, his job and even his parachuting equipment because all of them reminded him of his ex. He therefore decided to sell all of them to the highest bidder on the Internet. Well actually only the house, with friends and the job thrown in as sweetener. So if you have about $390,000 or thereabouts you can live in his house, hang out at the pub with his mates, have a crack at his job and also jump out of airplanes strapped to his parachute. He has actually settled up with his friends and boss, so that the hanging out part need not start with awkward introductions. As for the man himself, he has decided that he will take the cash and go to far off lands.

We hope he would not have to run another such ad seven years down the line in some other part of the world. Oh, and we concur with Obelix—the Internet is crazy.