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Monopoly City Streets : Monopoly Goes Online !

We’re talking about one of the world’s most popular board games has been virtually recreated into a mega-sized masterpiece as Google and Hasbro teamed up to launch Monopoly City Streets. The game allows users to compete in a live, worldwide version of the popular game, creating the biggest Monopoly tournament ever played. And yes, you can theoretically buy any street in the world!

However within the first few days of launch (on September 9) there were hardly any streets available for us to buy. A new player will start off with a whopping three million Monopoly dollars – it seems like inflation has caught on in the board games too. With this, you can initially buy a street or make an offer to a street owner to buy it off him. The huge money to start off obviously means that the streets will cost a lot too: Downing Street in the UK will cost 231,000 Monopoly Dollars, while Pennsylvania Avenue will cost 2 million. Pedder Road an up market Mumbai road was last valued at 400,000. Yikes! Of course, you can always offset those prices by collecting rent from hotels, football stadiums, skyscrapers, castles, etc.

There is a bit of a weird rule thrown in, though, where if someone makes you an offer and you don’t reply within seven days, the offer is automatically accepted no matter how low it is. So potentially, you will have to log in every day and if someone spams you with a lot of offers, you might just stand to lose your property. Hopefully, there will be a fix or some workaround for this. The interface too is buggy, but thousands are already addicted. So go ahead and join the game that has turned the globe into one giant game board!