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Nokia 3720 : Handle Without Care

Phones are some of the world’s most used and abused gadgets. Unfortunately, most of them are so delicate that you need to be careful with them. With the latest ‘rugged’ phone from Nokia, you won’t have to worry about any of those things. The phone has IP54 certification, which indicates it’s completely dust and water resistant. Nokia has even enhanced its shock protection.

There are several videos online of the phone enduring torture, including being completely submerged – not only in water, but even jelly and beer. All the while the phone was switched on and received calls! After getting drenched in beer, it could act moody, call random people, and not make phone calls in a straight line, but it certainly functions. It was even shot with a paintball gun. And those that have been hit with a paintball pellet will tell you that it hurts like hell even through protective overalls and is known to chip wood with the impact. The phone has steel parts in the body that are sealed all through.

The back cover opens only by unbolting a metal screw lock. In keeping with the rugged nature of the phone, the 3720 comes with an LED torch light that also doubles up as a flash for its 2-MP camera. The phone is a Symbian series 40 device, that comes with a 2.2-inch QVGA TFT display, FM and Bluetooth . What about looks? The lineage that the phone comes from dates back to the 5140. The phones from this rugged bloodline have always been above average in the looks department. And the 3720 does not disappoint. On the negative side, however, the phone doesn’t have 3G. Reportedly the phone will retail for around.