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Find Your Software Usage Pattern : Wakoopa.com

As if displaying your current status and presence weren’t enough; here’s a service that was designed to display what software users were using. The service is Wakoopa and its been around for two years now. It’s simple to use. After a registration, a small tracking program has to be downloaded and installed. This tracking application is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This application sends back statistics on the software being used and how often you use them. This data is displayed on your profile page at Wakoopa.com.

Wakoopa allows you to find similar users and in turn find better and newer software that you might have not come across. Wakoopa makes a chart of the software that you use and also creates tags according to the tasks performed by these programs. You can even click on a particular tag — chat for example, and get a list of programs for chat. There’s even small signature images that you can put up on your favorite social networking site that displays your most used programs.