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Video Micro Blogging : Seesmic.com

There are those who think that text blogging is old and voice-chat is the way to go. It is, after all, a more natural way of communicating with others. Seesmic is a service that works like any other micro-blogging service; except on Seesmic, people communicate by posting video clips. Seesmic uses web cams and microphones to record posts. Pre-recorded videos can also be uploaded to the service.

A 500 MB limit is set; a video can be either in the MP4 or FLV format. These videos are also downloadable. YouTube videos are also allowed. Replies can be sent in the same manner in the form of videos. They are displayed as small videos that are viewed by the in-built flash player on each page.

Clicking on the enlarge icon opens a larger version of a video. Users can follow others in the same way as they would with a text-based micro-blogging service. Videos can also be sent to other Seesmic users as well. Seesmic is at an alpha stage and the offering is interesting and different. It’s definitely worth trying out; even though the presentation might not impress many — it isn’t as pretty as some of the other web 2.0 startups around