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Can Google Hear Me?

While looking at book recommendation platforms, we came across this unique little web site called cangooglehearme.com in connection with one of the book web sites. Curiosity and a little bit of reading revealed that this particular web site is the result of one germ of an idea and a great deal of creativity on the part of one Mr. Aaron Stanton. He believed that he had an idea that could be the next big thing and was just perfect for the internet megalith Google to take up.

An idea can get you only so far; how does a small time games reviewer go about getting the attention of a multi-billion dollar giant? He decided to just walk into Google’s Mountain View office and speak to someone — he didn’t even have an idea who that someone might be. As expected, he was shooed away, but Stanton didn’t lose hope. He did the smart thing of video recording his misadventures and putting them up on his web site – cangooglehearme.com. He hoped that if he created enough buzz, at least someone at Google would eventually spot him and his web site. This was back in 2007 and Stanton went about furiously popularizing his blog in the blogosphere. Eventually, he got loads of traffic and the blogger community was abuzz with excitement and anticipation. Then one day he got his wish fulfilled – Google did hear him. He was called to the Googleplex to present his idea. Relevant papers and non-disclosure agreements were signed and Google heard him out. He became an instant internet hero and began receiving tons of fan mail. For about a year after that only he and Google knew what his idea was. Then in 2008, he revealed his idea on the web site. It was the concept behind booklamp – computerized analysis of the written word. The idea may be pretty meh, but the way Stanton went about attracting attention is brilliant. Maybe all of us armchair ideators can take a cue from this guy. An idea may be worth a million bucks, but to see it to fruition takes perseverance and a lot of ingenuity.