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Obtaining Computers is Now Easy

Ncomputing, a low-cost computing solutions company catering to government schemes and even educational institutes, announced recently a partnership with Haier Computer Group. Haier Computer Group, part of the Haier Group, is based in China and along with Ncomputing hope to spread large educational and government computing solutions. Ncomputing is the same organization that provided computer labs to students in Andhra Pradesh. That was a program implemented by the government to provide computer education to 1.8million students in Andhra Pradesh.

Ncomputing and Haier have already set the ball rolling as they have accomplished task of “one-computer-per-child” program in the Republic of Macedonia. Along with the help from the Macedonian government, the two groups helped install 1,80,000 computing seats throughout schools which included hardware, software and network infrastructure. Now these companies are looking into the future as they have set their eye son governments in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia to provide computing opportunities for everybody.