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When Online Romance Goes Wrong

Interesting internet love stories are not new - the type that even though it is forbidden and people know it to be wrong, still indulge in it. But what if it goes terribly wrong and one falls in love with a woman, who is actually a man wasting time and playing a prank, how does one react to that?

A common scenario of a prank like this is when the victim is actually known by the prankster, so all the details about his or her likes and dislikes are known and can be exploited upon. But why would anybody do such a thing.

Well recently, the latest person to have fallen prey to this type of internet abuse is none other than Antonio Castro, the son of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The individual to blame for this – Luis Dominguez, who has been exiled from Cuba and has been blogging from Miami. He posed as a 27 year old Columbian sports journalist under the name of Claudia. Now Dominguez knew that Antonio had a weak spot towards young women and sports, so he combined the two to create this fake identity.

How has this helped anybody? Well for starters Dominguez was able to penetrate the wall of privacy, created by the Castro family, and came to know about the daily routines and life of Antonio Castro and also found out some very intimate details. Another thing this operation has revealed is how the internet can be used to conduct sting operations, though we aren’t advising any of you to mess around with your friends in this manner.

Apparently, Dominguez is offering no apologies for what he has done and is proud to have achieved his goal by invading the privacy of the Castros.

In Cuba, people are denied internet access even from Hotels, but Antonio Castro used to chat with Claudia from his BlackBerry device which had unlimited access to the net. Here’s the best part of this all, Antonio is engaged to a 26 year old TV producer in Havana, wonder how she is reacting to all this?