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Why Zoomin is Best Photo Printing Site ?

With advancements in technology, all that we had has gone digital – our books, notes and documents are archived online and even novels and textbooks are accessible as PDF files. We store e-books. Even our albums are online. Photo hosting sites and online albums have done away with those dusty albums we would take out after a sumptuous meal to share with our nearest and dearest. We do occasionally hear there is no alternative to paper! You need to feel it to truly feel it. Similarly, you can’t substitute the feel of a printed copy in your hand with flipping through the pages or photos of a digitized version on a screen.

There are sites that offer all kinds of printing services with a wide range of gifting options. These options go from plain printing on photo paper to mouse pads, t-shirts and even teddy bears. Pricing is important, and so is the overall quality of service. Customer satisfaction also was ranked very highly. There are several options if you need to print your digital images and photos.

On the one hand, there are sites such as Snapfish.com backed by HP, and on the other sites such as Zoomin.com. There are also Indianised sites such as itasveer.com and even popular photo studios such as GK Vale in Bangalore that send printed copies and customized gifts anywhere in India. Eventually, we have rated the service as a whole – the web site and its function as a one-stop shop for your printing needs.

Also, compatibility with online image hosting platforms is vital. It makes it so much easier if you can just link your online albums to any of these sites and you can receive quality prints from them. After analyzing these sites, we came across a couple that stood out for a variety of reasons. One of them was estudios.in, then itasveer.com, gkvale.com and finally zoomin.com.

Depending on various factors such as your needs, you could select any one of them. We rated the interface, ease of upload and monitoring your files and images on their web site highly. Also, the clarity in design and available gifting options were closely watched. Price is vital too. After considering all these factors and comparing with each other, Zoomin.com stands out as our clear winner.

With a web 2.0 feel to it, Zoomin.com is very easy to navigate. You are at work in a jiffy, with no hassles whatsoever. In fact, there are no distractions at all. The only button you’ll see at each stage just takes you straight to printing. It’s straightforward: 1, 2... print. Sign in, upload, and print! One thing you’ll miss on this site is flashy ads and banners and pop-ups. Even a novice at photo printing will be able to find his or her way about effortlessly. Although the gifting options are not as exhaustive as on some other sites, the options available are sufficient to cater to most needs.

You can also upload images from your mobile by emailing a customized email address from your WAP-enabled phone. Besides, you can link images you uploaded earlier on your image hosting web site, such as Picasa.google.com and Flickr.com. Another point worth highlighting here is that estudios.in was the only site that passed the W3C compatibility test, ensuring you won’t have any problems accessing it from any browser without any errors. This site missed out otherwise only because of the absence of customizable gifting options. If all you need is postcard, photo card or passport size photos then this is the site for you, because that is its area of focus; the prices are also competitive. Again, there is no support for photo hosting platforms, so you will need to upload your images separately.