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Crimping Your Own LAN Cable

These days, if you go out and buy a network cable it would cost you around Rs. 100 per meter. But when the connector breaks, or you realize that the cable you have is shorter, you need an extension of sorts. Follow the steps below to crimp your own straight or crossover cable.

  1. One metre regular network cable @ Rs. 50
  2. RJ45 connectors @ Rs. 3 per piece
  3. A crimping tool @ Rs. 250
This is all you need to start crimping your own network cables.

Next you need to cut the outer cable jacket. Make sure not to cut it too much or you might just damage the internal wires. You can also use a knife or blade to cut through the outer jacket.

Once cut, you will see eight wires twirled around each other in pairs, one solid color and the other striped. For a straight cable, arrange the wires in the following sequence: White Orange, Orange, White Green, Blue, White Blue, Green, White Brown and Brown. This is the same sequence to follow on both ends for a straight cable.

For a crossover cable, follow the same sequence for one end. For the other end, arrange the wires as follows: White Green, Green, White Orange, Blue, White Blue, Orange, White Brown and Brown.

Once you confirm the wire sequence, cut the wires in equal length. Then slide the wires into the RJ45 connector.

Insert the RJ45 connector (with the cable still attached to it) into the crimping tool. Ensure the eight wires are pushed all the way into the connector. Now just squeeze the tool until you hear a click. That’s it, you are done.