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Google’s Chrome OS

Just when the crowds were getting excited about Google’s mobile operating system, Android, there came some even more exciting news from Google. Google is developing an operating system based on the Chrome browser. Users are not just content with the free services, and many have hoped that Google would create an operating systems; and it’s finally happening!

While many have their fingers crossed that Chrome OS will take on Microsoft’s Windows operating system, it’s highly unlikely there’ll be such a confrontation. Google would need to use its power to convince developers to port applications previously developed for Windows over to its platform. That’s a tall order. If Google integrates its online services with the local operating system, it could take a large chunk from the netbook OS market and also many Linux distributions.

Not much is known about it yet. It will be built on a Linux kernel and will be designed for low power computing devices – netbooks. The OS is said to be developed together with companies such as HP, ASUS, Adobe, Texas Instruments. Chrome OS will be coded for the ARM processor.

Google says that it doesn’t want people to be spending all their time waiting for computers to boot up and load software. It also doesn’t want people to lose any data. It is clearly suggesting that the cloud is the way to go, and if so, powerful hardware isn’t required. Our only concern is the poor internet connectivity options available in our country. With most users on connections with ridiculous download caps and limited speeds, running an operating system that depends heavily on the internet might not be practical. Chrome OS will be free because it will be open source. Many say that the code for the OS will be made public already this year. It should be available for public release in the later half of next year.