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The Penguin is Growing Fat

Microsoft Windows has long been known as a bloated Operating System. Those who use Linux, stand by how small and efficient the Kernel is. However, in the most recent LinuxCon, Linux Trovalds, the creator of Linux accepted that the Linux Kernel is growing to be a bloated Operating system, and is no longer as streamlined as it used to be. In his words, Linux is now “bloated and huge”. This was in response to a question on efficiency posed by one of the officials from Novell, the company that is responsible for the SUSE Linux distro, one of the most commonly used Linux distros.

Trovalds continued to state that the reason for the bloat was because of the tremendous lines of code added to the Kernel, and that it was an unavoidable artefact of the pace at which the operating system is growing. This has lead many to wonder if Linux does get adopted on a wider scale, and does eventually become more efficient and consumer friendly, then the chances are that Linux also will become an Operating System with the same number of bugs and holes as Windows.