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Why Naukri.com is Best Job Search Site ?

Not long ago, the world was reeling under the weight of a global pandemic – we’re not talking about swine flu, but rather the recent economic recession. While some of us may be taken aback at the fact that it figures on global trends of most internet search engines, what’s even more shocking is the sheer number of jobs lost during the past year. But, all those unemployed people are not going to stay jobless for the rest of their lives. How and what gets them to their new job is vital.

Even Barack Obama’ s popularity sinks deeper and deeper with every day he completes in office, highlighting the fact that eventually it is service that counts and not the hype! Undoubtedly, security and professional growth weighs more than all the hype. The same holds true when we look out for a job – more so in difficult times such as these. We have looked at the available options, and given our technology focus, we have assessed them from the perspective of a job applicant in the IT industry.

Terms such as software developer, database administrator, test analyst, SAP and ERP are part of this industry, and so we prepared an exhaustive list of such terms and scrutinized each of these portals to judge where they stand and whether or not they have reason to give hope. While job portals may not guarantee you a job, they are pivotal in presenting you with the opportunity to face the interview. You must remember, although a portal may get you to face an interview, performing in the interview and convincing the interview panel is totally up to you as the candidate.

After analyzing as many available options as possible, we reduced the number of web sites in the final analysis based on the number of job postings across categories and technologies. Eventually, we had two sites that impressed us – Naukri and Monster – this was the unanimous view of our panel, but the decision to pick a winner needed deeper scrutiny and debate. The average job applicant that we considered is an Indian national, seeking a job preferably within India, with qualifications in the software/hardware sector. We had a long debate on which it should be between the two, but in the end, the figures speak.

Not everyone is a global citizen, not everyone continuously seeks a job abroad. For the sheer volume of jobs here in India, the numbers are in favor of one site, and so our award goes to Naukri. Nevertheless, we did notice that there are certain domains, especially ERP and SAP in particular, where Monster has a clear lead over Naukri. We must say that Monster, with its global footprint, gives access to a wider pool of jobs and is a familiar portal to employers abroad.

Usability is intuitive in both these web sites. While both sites have a WAP site whereby you can access your profile from your mobile, Monster.com gives you the option for SMS resume forwarding. With this service, you no longer need even a GPRS connection on your handset. However, you need to know the code for the company to which you wish to forward your resume. Monster is rated as the largest job search engine in the world, and is understandably so in the global perspective. However, in our analysis we have used the figures derived from analyzing it from the point of view of the average Indian job applicant.

Additionally, we looked at Jobstreet.com, Timesjobs.com and Shine.com in our final list of sites, after eliminating some platforms due to all-out clutter. Despite being associated with industry heavyweights, these sites somewhat lacked lustre. Either the results were not convincing, the interface was unpleasant or services provided were not up to the mark.