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TouchFLO 3D from HTC Reviews

With Windows Mobile 6.5 approaching launch readiness there is a leaked preview of TouchFLO 3D from HTC that has been doing the rounds on the internet. One of the biggest complaints against the TouchFLO interface has been its sluggishness and of course the plain-jane looks. Some also found it to be little more than a cosmetic addition, not adding any usefulness to the interface. Enter TouchFLO 3D 2.6 with the promise of more color, usefulness and user friendliness.

The most noticeable changes (at first sight) are of the menu system and the icons used to change tabs, as well as improved browsing of image and audio galleries with an all new landscape view for album art browsing. The calendar section has also seen a lot of sprucing up with many new view options. There are also large, easy to thumb, onscreen buttons for home, internet and people tabs; this will undoubtedly save time as every function is virtually a click or two away. The colorful icons are attractive and add a dash of much needed pizzazz to the interface, although some claim they bear a striking resemblance to the icons on Android-based handsets.

Reports also mention the sluggishness of videos when demonstrating this on certain HTC handsets such as the HTC Touch Diamond 2, although these are cases of TouchFLO 2.6 being run on certain non-WM 6.5 based devices; undoubtedly optimizations will be made so that the final product should hopefully be a lot smoother.