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Happy Independence Day !!!

A very Happy Independence Day from TechQuark! May this day brings more and more gadgets to India at cheap prices :) .

It's 64th Indian Independence day and we have a special article for you. We present you with the Indian tech startups that we are proud of. These have been formed within the last decade and showcase the skill set of the abundant Indian talent.

In addition to our list, we are pretty sure that there are many more which you might know of. Feel free to add them in the comments below. Here is our list (in no specific order):

Amazing & simple UI makes this travel portal the best in class. Backed by a helpful support team, Cleartrip offers air, rail and hotel bookings and have ventured into the vacation programming space recently with Small World.

Started by IIT alumnus and probably the first online photo printing service in India, the site now competes with snapfish from HP. Amazing Doodlepad app for creating customized things coupled with quick shipping and a prompt customer support makes this the go-to site for all your photo printing needs.

Ever felt bad that we do not have an Amazon India shopping site? Well, this is one for a start. Has limited categories, but the service is very prompt. You’d know it yourself, check what people have to say about it on Twitter – http://twitter.com/#search?q=flipkart
The oldest and still the most used Indian Railways ticket booking website. We’re definitely amazed with the “up to date” technologies used for this. Although we hate it when it goes down in peak traffic.
Income tax e-filing
The ability to file your returns online is a boon for people in the IT industry who want to do things in a snap. The excel/PDF filling process might not be simple, but once you get it, you will be able to do it in a few minutes and help others too! Plus, you get to know your income and income tax details as an added benefit :) .
Swami Ramdev’s online store
The store might not have the best UI, but it is doing a pretty good job in making those amazing ayurvedic products available to people all over India. As they use India Registered Post for shipping, the service can be used by anyone in India, no matter where they live.
When it comes to blogging in India, the first name which comes to mind is Amit Agarwal. The man has been blogging professionally since 2004 and his blog, Digital Inspiration is now among the top 100 blogs in the world.
As the name suggests, these guys run loots that last 24 hours. The concept was made popular by woot in US and 24hoursloot has Indianized it well. They started with varied products but now they have seemingly limited themselves to t-shirts and posters because of the target demographics and low price point.
We have ordered multiple t-shirts from them and the process is neat and simple. The quality of the t-shirts has improved slightly but it still isn’t that great. But at the given price point they surely attract many impulse buyers. It’s seriously hard to resist buying a Sheldon Cooper Bazinga! t-shirt for that price.
One of the first customized T-shirt printing service in India, the site has now fully grown to an amazing online T shirt store with an equally awesome customizing app.

The leading brand merchandising service in India. The go to place for corporate to create gifts/prizes using their brand in India.

Rightly called the TechCrunch of India, PluggdIn has grown to become India’s leading blog in technology startup space. With annual startup events, the blog is quickly becoming one of the most read tech blog in India.
Indian? Video Gamer? You must be a member of IVG. With almost 6 thousand members and over 8 lakh posts, it’s undoubtedly the best community of gamers in India. You can get loads of information about games, gaming hardware and even tournaments. They also have an active new/used games/hardware trade forum and a Game Library in addition to a show-off thread where you can post your latest acquisitions or just ogle at someone’s gaming setup :) .

Essentially a group of photography enthusiasts who are always ready to suggest solutions to your photography related problems, critique your pictures and share their nifty techniques that you might find nowhere else. They also organize photography workshops and group photo walks in Bangalore. Irrespective of where you are from and what skill level you are at, BPC offers tons of content if you are a photography enthusiast.
Have an old PC and think selling it doesn’t make any sense? Well, donate it to the needy then. Started by our batch mates, The organization helps NGOs and donors get in touch and helps fulfill any PC requirement.

We don’t know what the connection is but there is surely something between Infibeam and Amazon. The similar logo, similar eBook readers (Infibeam Phi and Amazon’s Kindle) and even the basic look and feel makes us feel that their is something. But we don’t mind it, they are definitely moving in the right direction.
So what distinguishes them from other online stores? They have an amazing inventory of products. From designer perfumes and watches to computer accessories to coffee makers, they pretty much sell everything under the sun. All my experiences were really good, the prices are good and they ship really fast.
We like Myntra for one simple reason, the sheer choice of products they offer. They let you customize everything from t-shirts to bags to pens to watches to cigarette lighters to compact mirrors! And the choice doesn’t end here, you can choose from over 30 types of t-shirts and all kinds of bags and so on.
In our experience, the product quality and printing is good but the prices are a bit on the higher side.
The website started as a personal homepage by a gentleman named Mike and grew into a hugely popular travel forum where people share their experiences and tips about traveling to different places in India. At present it’s managed by another gentleman named Arjun and the community is flourishing as always. Last we checked they had over 82,000 members and almost a million posts.
I know the question that just came into your mind – who buys shoes online? Judging by the way this website is performing, a lot of people do actually. And why not? They have more models to choose from than you can find in a mall with multiple showrooms, they give better discounts and they have an excellent return policy when it comes to buying the right size. We have used them for buying slippers and shoes and its always an amazing experience.
One of the oldest online shops in India. The site is a Mecca for photography enthusiast in India. With a plethora of cameras and accessories and a very helpful forum community, this is probably the best photography site in India.

Ever wondered which restaurant to go to or had trouble finding a good one? This is the website for you. We’ve personally used this website to discover new restaurants or verify the “good food” claims from people around us. And recently we have seen representatives from some restaurants taking in suggestions and replying to user queries which makes it a great platform for both sides. It’s turned out good so far. Aren’t you hungry already?