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Universal Memory

What is Universal Memory?

Universal Memory approaches memory storage in a radically different way. Universal Memory is the term given to the next wave of storage solutions that are about to hit the world.

Why do you need Universal Memory?

The next generation of memory devices plan to replace the current generation by outperforming current storage solutions in two basic aspects of memory storage. The first aspect is power consumption, and the second aspect is the density of memory. This generation of low-power, high density memories will probably be able to store memory even without electricity running through them.

Which companies are involved?

The list is pretty long. IBM, HP, Motorola are all researching different universal memory strategies. Samsung and Toshiba are also in the race. Companies that specialize only in memory solutions like Everspin and Hynix are obviously involved. A company called Nantero has developed promising wafers with 10 billion bits of memory.

How will it be done?

Current research have different approaches in different labs. One approach is to use the nanoscale structures on the silicon wafers themselves. Other approaches include molecular memory and magnetic random access memory.

When will we see it?

Predictions vary from 2011 to 2020.

Will it be any good?

Portable devices stand to benefit the most. The memory promises to store all the data in any DVD ever made in a single laptop sized box.